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La última ocurrencia: profesores nativos sin oposición en las aulas madrileñas

La enseñanza del inglés en Madrid: un despropósito tras otro

MADRID-It is already known the commitment of the president of the Community that bilingualism is a reality in education. Hope Aguirre's view the best way to achieve its purpose is to be accredited native teachers who teach English in public schools. For this reason, yesterday publicly called on the Deputy Minister of Education, the Minister Alicia Delibes-Figar Lucia is on maternity leave, 'that his department to begin work on a formula that allows them to be the "teachers" who teach the English their language home to students in public schools in Madrid, where the standard would require them to approve the opposition prior to or be on the list of temporary, since there is no approval of oppositions with other nations.

The president of the regional government launched this petition Delibes on a visit to a nursing student at King's College, opened yesterday in Madrid Viñuelas Soto (Three Little Stones). From there, Aguirre took the opportunity to complain about the system of approvals, "still do not understand why Spain in the European Union is not possible that the" teachers "can not teach English here." "If we are Europeans, we are Europeans," he added in his speech that has been interspersed with English and Spanish, who collected Europa Press.

In the hands of the Ministry

There is now a European directive (2005/36/EC) which recognizes the titles. Spain has developed this standard to develop and manage the authorization of the practice of each profession. However, this only allows a in any EU country to teach in Spain, but only in private or in subsidized. To do this in public or official must be on the list of interns, according to state regulations.

Sources from the Department of Community Education yesterday explained that this obstacle could be overcome if the Ministry of Education by a decree regulating the employment of specialist teachers in the EU, which already allowed and exists for the Official Language Schools and Vocational Training.

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Well, I will agree to have native English teachers without official examinations in public schools when it is possible to have native Spanish teachers without the British teacher training in British schools.