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Case study of the examination to select kindergarten teachers in Madrid (Spain): GERM attack

Too much, too soon

The case study of the current selective system of early childhood education teacher is a perfect example of the GERM educational policy of the Community of Madrid and Spain.

In a context of overcrowded classes (with more than 25 students  including students with special needs) legislation establishes standards inadequate to development; including the goal that all students five years end up reading and writing sentences and simple texts. Too much, too soon.


Practical Exercise Early Childhood Education

The candidate will begin the exercise in the same folio that this statement
The maximum time that candidates will have to perform will be an hour and a half.


You are in a public school with kindergarten and primary education, located in a socially deprived urban area. It has six units in the second cycle of Early Childhood Education and twelve at the stage of primary education (two class for grade).

Structure and develop a didactic approach of teaching and learning, of literacy, from the center of interest: "The universe". The proposal is aim to help ensure that children to be able to read, write and understand sentences and simple texts. It should be applied in the third quarter of the school year to a group of students of five years, in which is enrolled  a student with ADHD, and being globalized with the other areas.

The development of the teaching proposal should contain: objectives, content, activities, methodological and organizational strategies, and evaluation.

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